About me

My name is Matt and I’m the marine ecologist responsible for these confessions…..

Matt paddle-boarding on Swan River

Me having a paddle on the Swan River!


I’m originally from Glasgow, Scotland (not exactly the breeding ground for marine biologists) but I’m now settled in Perth, Western Australia.  I’ve always been relatively interested in all things nature, but only after a stereotypical trip to the Great Barrier Reef did I decide that I wanted to work in the ocean!  Of course at that point I seen myself studying turtles, whales, or even dolphins….but that’s not exactly what has happened (and I wouldn’t change it for a second)!

My Research

Fast forward 5 years and one Honours Degree and I am about to finish my first year as a PhD student at The University of Western Australia.  My main interests are working on the ecology and biogeochemistry of seagrass meadows.  That’s just a fancy way of saying that I like to try and explain the patterns and dynamics we see in seagrass meadows, in particular by linking them to the nutrients that they take up from the water and sediments around them (quite a lot like plants that we find on land!).

Being extremely honest….I didn’t even know what seagrasses were prior to starting my degree back in the day!  But these marine plants support much of the diversity of marine life we see around us; without seagrasses, many coastal ecosystems around the world would be very different places (and not in a good way)!  Despite this importance, seagrasses aren’t quite as charismatic as other species we find in the sea, which is part of the reason of this blog; I hope to convince you all that we should really care about seagrasses!!!

And when I’m not working…

I enjoy diving, paddle-boarding, cycling, and even cooking!  And like most other Scotsman, I have a penchant for putting on what others would describe as a “skirt” (grrr…..it’s a kilt!!!) when I have something that I feel I need to celebrate!

So, have a look around, and feel free to contact me using any of the information here, even if it is just to argue with me!  Cheers for visiting!!!


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